About Nick

A little bit about Nick

Originally from England, Nick was enticed to move to Australia many years ago by its warm sun. Nick has spent over 40 years working in the Northern Territory and Northwest Queensland regions on large pastoral leases running cattle.

Out here working on the land Nick developed his silver smithing skills. Nick taps into his instinctive store of images, folk lore and emotion to capture the stark beauty and heritage of the Australian outback. Dramatic contrasts, subtle surfaces and exotic patterns are utilised to create the unique expressions of his visions in his wearable art. His pieces aim to evoke a feeling of empathy and a sense of belonging to the observer and owner.

Nick’s innovative designs are influenced by his 40 years in the Outback. His work has been profiled in exhibitions throughout Queensland and NSW and purchased by galleries and private collectors, both in Australia and overseas.

Nick selects unique gemstones from around the world – pieces that intrigue him by their individuality and provide inspiration for his remarkable designs. Nick cuts and styles his own stones.

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DISCLAIMER: Nick Murray is a custom jewellery designer and only makes jewellery based on his own original designs. Please do not ask him to create a copy or reproduce another jeweller’s designs.
For business and legal reasons he will not make or copy jewellery created by other jewellery designers.